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UKRAINIAN SYSTEM SOLAR provides services for selling solar power plant equipment. We will support you in purchasing PV modules, inverters, solar DC cable as well as other required equipment on favorable terms. We work with the world's largest manufacturers of solar panels and inverters.

Our company provides services of selling equipment for both industrial solar power plants and private households.

Here you can buy all types of equipment and accessories for solar power plants of various options (on-grid, off-grid, stand-by, hybrid). We will help you select solar panels, inverters, dynamic and static mounting systems and other necessary equipment.

One of our company's priorities is to render the maximum of services from a single source that allows getting the most reasonable and balanced solution for the customer. Moreover, it is important to select the appropriate equipment that will solve the customer’s tasks in the most efficient way. UKRAINIAN SYSTEM SOLAR works without the long chains of intermediaries and has established direct contractual relations with equipment manufacturers. This scheme allows not only providing customers with the most attractive terms of warranty but also with competitive prices.

In most cases, when delivering EPC projects, we refuse to represent the interests of any single manufacturer in favor of maximum satisfaction of our customers' needs. That is why we try to work with several suppliers for every commodity article. Our experts have made a thorough analysis and selected the most reliable suppliers of high-quality equipment for each of the company's activities. In any case, we will be able to offer you the optimal equipment procurement for the facility, taking into account the specifics of the terrain and all your needs. Cooperating with our company, you may be confident in receiving the adequate level of costs for equipment and components.




Dimensions: 1640 x 990 x 35 mm
Weight: 18,5 kg
Protective coating: 3,2 mm low-iron tempered glass
Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction box: ≥IP 65
Cable: 4 mm², 1000 mm
Connector: МС 4 or МС 4 compatible
Operating conditions:  
Operating temperature: -40°С to +85°С
Maximum system voltage: 1000 V DC
Maximum fuse current: 15 A
Wind / snow load: 2400 / 5400 Pa
Product warranty: 10-12 years
Linear power output warranty:

10-12 years up to 91,2%

25 years up to 80,7%
Electrical characteristics under standard test conditions (STC)
Maximum power (Pmax) 250-285 W
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 37,6-38,0 W
Short circuit current (Isc) 8,69-8,92 A
Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 29,8-30,3 V
Maximum power current (Imp) 8,26-8,39 A
Module efficiency (%) 15,37-15,5
STC irradiation 1000W/m2, module temperature 25°С, АМ 1,5


Series name Primo Symo ECO
Country of origin Austria
Type of inverter Without transformer
Number of phases, AC 1 3 3
Voltage range of MPPT, DC 200 - 800 195 - 800 580 - 850
Number of MPP trackers 2 2 1
Product warranty, years 5 5 5
Maximum power, AC 3 000 - 8 200 6 000 - 20 000 25 000 - 27 000
Maximum power, DC 4 500 - 12 300 6 000 - 30 000 37 800
Protection rating IP 65 IP 65 IP 66


Series name SUN2000
Country of origin China
Type of inverter Without transformer
Number of phases, AC 3
Voltage range of MPPT, DC 320 - 1 450
Number of MPP trackers 2 - 4
Product warranty, years 5 (10/15/20/25 - optionally)
Maximum power, AC 8 800 - 66 000
Maximum power, DC 9 100 - 67 300
Protection rating IP 65


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